International Women’s Summit.

Cecilia from the association “Paradiso Ritrovato” was in Zurich during the International Women’s Summit of the World YWCA which is the umbrella organization of the global network of the YWCA, a movement of women working for social and economic change around the world. It advocates for young women’s leadership, peace, justice, human rights and sustainable development, both on a grassroots and global scale. It is the largest women’s organization in the world, and the second oldest organization of its kind.The theme of this year’s summit was “Women Creating a Safe World” and concentrating on creating a safe space for women and girls through enhancing:

  • personal, economic and political security
  • enjoying universal human rights and being free from discrimination and stigma
  • the right to live free from violence both in the private and public spheres, to make choices about where to live and work, to move freely, to participate in all facets of democracy
  • having full access to sexual and reproductive health services, including universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support
  • demanding a robust effort in prevention and in addressing issues of peace and security in a world of conflict, wars and violence.