“If I say earth, what do you think?” the creative works from Romania!

Also our young Romanian partners in the international exchange titled “Noah’s Ark” participated creatively to “If I say Earth, what do you think?”. We publish here their works…

The work from Andreea, 23 years, from Costanta, titled “What I love about Earth”:

The work of Claudia, 18 years, from Costanta, titled “Earth”:

The work of Irina, years 18, from Costanta:

The work of Ioana, years 19, from Costanta, titled “Earth, our home”:

Earth for a lot of people means just a source of exploitable, but they don’t look at it like a home, an environment which must be cared. We must realize that the way we threat the environment in which we live influence very much our living and the future of our children.

Every garbage that we throw in nature will affect  our health in a way or another. It’s important to educate and inform them about the importance of their action on our precious home  Earth. People don’t know to appreciate the riches provided to us, we know how to take but we don’t know how to give back. For example how many plastic bottles we throw and how many we recycle? The all world is changing,  and every person must try to conform his style life in a way that will help the environment in which he lives. If we remember how our grandparents live we will discover that they didn’t  have actually  garbage .All the remains was reused and the most  popular example is that the rest from the dinner was the food for animals.

But now the conditions have changed and we consume more and more and we leave dangerous rubbish like industrial residues who have a more complicate process for recycle.  Every person can recycle it’s a minimal effort , we just must want this, if you want to recycle you can even consume  less energy in your home or throw the garbage where is his place and with this you already  help at keeping your “home” clean.

The work of  Paiu, years 24, Mangalia, titled “Earth represents the planet which we inhabit”:

Thank you all!!! Looking forward to meet you all on “Noah’s Ark!”….