First day of Activities in our Noah’s Ark!

The first days of activities started with…

some morning yoga!

                “sun salutation”

then we had a presentation of the exchange Arca di Noé, the italian association “Paradiso Ritrovato”, the czech association Nase Kamenka and the Romanian one “Mare Nostrum”. Here are some pictures of the associations presenting theirself:

Carmen from “Mare Nostrum”, Romania

Kristy from “Nase Kamenka”, Czech Republic 

Then, divided in three mixed groups we created a collage with images from old magazines of the world situation regarding Environment, Politics and the Social issue.

group preparing a world collage

participants choosing the pictures for the collage

And at the end presentation of each “world collage”…

After a great lunch we started the afternoon with a brainstorm on the significance of “Peak Oil” :

after the deepening on the world situation around the issue of “peak oil” we looked into the nature around us to get conscious of the herbs that surround us and and which are their edible and healing properties…

We collected and identified some of the plants around us here are some of the results:


Young leaves are good into the salad and it also good food for the turtles.

Grandmother makes syrup and the honey from the flowers. In Czech they call it honey, but in fact it’s syrup. In winter you than have a big container of vitamins. We use it as sugar for tea or to dilute in water.

If covered from the sun while growing, the leaves for salad are not bitter.


Full of antioxidants. Leaves are useful for tea. Good for jam. The really young tips of blackberries are full of vitamin C

Elder berry bush: 

Tea from dry flowers is good for stomach problems and cramps and fortifies the immune system. It’s also calming. The flowers are good for frying or for omelette.

People plant the Elder near places where they put food to keep the rats away. Some use it for making flutes. Strong and powerful plant.


When you have a wound or a bruise you should chew it and put on the wound and it heals.It’s bitter in the salad if you like it. Syrup and tea of this plant are good for the throat.


It’s good to heal the throat. The flowers blossom in early summer. Oil essence is possible to make. If you have problems with breathing it’s good to put some thyme inside or beside your pillow. The tea is good for stomach problems, like it stops from farting. Tea is also cleansing the digestion system and calming medicine.

Ipericum, Saint Johns worth:

Relaxing plant and heals cold. It’s an anti-depressive. It cleanses the system . It gives appetite and is used against worms. It heals atsma and lungs diseases. In the textiles is used for natural paint, the flower is yellow but the color that comes out is .

Ipericum oil:

Leave olive oil with flowers for at least 4 weeks, you create an oil for the skin full of vitamin E.

Dead nettle, Lamium:

Sweet and good for salad in spring. Special flowers which you can suck the nectar from.


Make tea for cleansing the blood system. It’s good for soup. Iron and vitamins are inside nettle. Gran Dad fed animals and ate as spinach. Young and fresh they are good for salad and boiling. When you have big big flowers you can create ropes.

The day ended with a beautiful walk in Nature, some with eyes closed and some leading the blinded:

In the night we saw the short animation movie “The story of stuff” which you can watch in this website :

What a great day!