Second day of Activities in Noah’s Ark: Hands on day!

Check the pictures of our HANDS ON DAY! We made bread, marmalade, soap and yogurt!!!

Bread making in the morning with Francesco…

first instruction for the bread making process

making the dow together

one of the creative loafs

loafs ready to go in the oven

The morning continued with Anna’s instructions to make marmalade with local fruits:

cutting the fruit together for then starting the long cooking process

After lunch Lucia explained in details how to make home made soap!

soap makers ready to use the caustic soda!

measuring oil and soda temperatures

mixing soda and oil

the chemical reaction has started, mixing and mixing…

mixing and mixing the soap cream is coming

the soap cream is put into jars with lavender, ginger or black tea ready for the drying process

here is how the ready soap will look like

And last but not least Lucia explained the yogurt making process:

What a great active day…and we soon will enjoy all the great things we produced!

In the night we watched “The story of cosmetics” which you can watch…

and Noah’s Ark continues!

Thank you Claudia and Lucia for the beautiful pictures!