Art day on Noah’s Ark!

Jump on Noah’s Ark and see what happened in the day dedicated to Art!

We started the day dancing the “butterfly meditation”, a metaphor to the transformations we experience every year, month, day or moment both personally and globally. Here are some pictures:

After the butterfly dance we walk down to the river to make our own clay creation…

In the afternoon three groups had the task to imagine to be road artists and create a short theater piece in order to bring the experiences and the knowledge they learned on Noah’s Ark to the world…

After these beautiful and creative theatre pieces we had an evening with the councilor for youth and environmental activities of the municipality of Bagnolo Piemonte,Mirella Boaglio. We showed her a slide show of pictures from the exchange and she was truly enthusiastic about what happened during this time! The rest of the evening was dedicated to a delicious pizza and many many dances: group dances, romanian dances, pizzica and occitane dances! 

Thanks to all for the creativity and the fun on this day dedicated to the importance of Art on a Noah’s Ark!