“Paradiso Ritrovato” meets in Casentino, Tuscany.

During a meeting that took place in the beautiful and wild landscape of Casentino in the region of Toscana, the association “Paradiso Ritrovato” made  an account of the year’s work together and at the same time reconfirmed the strong intention to find a place where to continue the work towards self-suffiency and live as a community.

Despite Italy’s and Europe’s crisis “Paradiso Ritrovato” as an association wants to concentrate its efforts into solution oriented actions and thoughts and more and more become independent from the global capitalistic system.

As an association we also decided for several actions that we think could support us moving towards our goals: the organization of another International Exchange financed by the European Union and a tour of Tuscany’s ecovillages and intentional community projects in order to find a land where to move and continue our work in the deepest sense.

Stefania, Valentina, Cecilia, Anna e Roberto mentre passeggiano fra le foreste di Camaldoli.