First days in the “White Rabbit Lair”…

Our Youth in Action project the “White Rabbit Lair” in the beautiful Toscana’s countryside has started!

Here’s a report and some pictures of our participants…

Sunday 26th we all arrived in Podere Reggioli. We all agree that Reggioli is a place completely different from wherever we have ever been. Located on top of an hill, you get everything of a Tuscany’s paradise: beautiful view, fresh air, and wonderful people too.

In the evening we made and eaten delicious pizza in the wood oven and got to know each other with the light of only some candles and of the moon.

 Today, monday the 27th, was the first day with activities. After breakfast we gathered and played funny games to get to know each other: it was an open, fun moment, we got in a really good mood. After the games we introduced ourselves, talking not in a microphone, but in a special stick made by children.

We also got to know better the owners of the land Cristian, Lucille and their four kids. They are very kind and open minded people we lots of things to give and share! We are happy to spend a week here with them!

After some other games we split in three groups and made a poster about diversity.

It was great group building activity, having to discuss the way to make the poster.

We had lunch and then we went on a tour of the land (it is 126 acres!). It was amazing, we saw all the work that Christian has done in just year. During the walk we ate delicious figs and blackberries, picked right from the plants.

Also we have seen the work we will do tomorrow.

We will divide in three groups and work on our task for the next three days.

We can’t wait to start!

Written by Dora (Italy), Jonathan (Spain), Netta (Hungary) and Milo (Italy).