Animal cards and Red Queens.

Another day under the SUN :D…

Starts the same like the last 2 days, with same breakfast but with another icebreaking game and new aerobic movements. At the end of the exercise we’ve picked a card each with the figure of an animal. I got the Bison 😉 What a nice animal! I thought that it is a pity that in Romania there is only a few bisons left, because I know that in the past the Carpatians Mountains were home of the Bisons.

After relaxing our body came the workshop time. We’ve continued the work from yesterday, and also started the wall reconstruction. This was a very interesting activity because it is like a puzzle, you should keep in mind that the wall should be stable, strong with a backward orientation and it also has to look nice!

I think that today was more prolific and more cooperating day than yesterday. I`ve worked very well with Csabi, we “killed” a lot of black berry bushes and made place for the wall reconstruction. Also we managed to reconstruct a part of the wall.

And now cames LUNCH!!! Yes we are hungryyyyyy 😀

And I can say that today lunch was the best, after the FRITATA, which I liked also.

This is the day until now.

written by Marian (Romania)

In the pictures: Csabi, Marian and Lidia cutting the Blackberrys

After the lunch time we had a nice discussion on the topic “Red Queen vs the White Queen”.

All the participants understand that in every person, object and opinion there is a good and a bad side. We tried new methods of non-formal educational learning. All the activities will help us in future for problem solving and decision making.

After the discussion we did a great theater with funny clothes that the participants brought from their counties. Everybody was able to express himself/herself in a different way.

There was a lot of fun in the night. Every country presented their culture with traditional music and dancing. After that everybody went to bed happy and with enriched knowledge about the other cultures.

written by Ivan (Bulgaria)