Biodiversity in “The White Rabbit Lair”.

Here’s what happened on the day dedicated to the activities focusing on ecological biodiversity…

In the full moon day, we went on with our workshops, despite the fact that there were many people absent with stomachache. In the afternoon, we were thinking about diversity and biodiversity, introduced by Mare Nostrum NGO presentation about the varieties of endangered species in the Black Sea.

A great emphasis was put on the extinction of dolphins, which is a very remarkable and intelligent species of mammals, very similar to human beings.

After this, we concentrated on the diversity, in general, and especially we focused on political, ecological and social diversity, in particular. After the discussion, we all agreed that the process of globalization and the fight for power and money made the diversity decrease.

We also exchanged native seeds of flowers and plants coming from our different countries. We learned how it is important to preserve the most diversity of seeds in the world in order to reinforce and preserve biodiversity. We took great inspiration from the knowledge and work of Vandana Shiva.

Full moon waits for us and we are exciting to discover what happens under the sole light of the candles…

written by Daura (Spain)