Moonlight walk in wonderland…

I am Alice. I didn’t follow a rabbit on my way here, but I took a big shiny bus and travelled for two days to find mysef in Wonderland.

We are all Alice. We abandoned our ordinary lives for a week, took a chance, and welcomed the unknown. We ate a magical mushroom a couple of days ago and ever since then we have been changing, evolving, growing, and discovering the world from a new perspective. Wonderland is beautiful. There are many trees and breath-taking views over the mountains. It’s full of sounds and smells and feelings unlike any others we’ve known before.

I like it here.

Last night we went for a moonlight walk. We strolled in an absolute silence and we hadn’t brought any torches.

Moon was our guide and forest animals – our companions. And the white heart queen was with us too. She followed us all the way through the narrow and dusty paths in the shape of a cat and the role of a friend. We were going deeper and deeper into the white rabbit lair until we reached its very bottom – a small lawn lighted brilliantly by the silver shining moon. There we told stories: about the moon, about the animals, about the mountain – but it was all one long fairy tale about Wonderland itself.

I think when I go back to my world, I’ll take a small piece of this one with me, and I’ll carry it around everywhere I go hidden securely in my heart.

This day, the 5th in the “White Rabbit  Lair”, started lots of rain that it’s gonna clean all the illness and will give to the nature what it really needs, power to blossom. There are people from us that don’t actually like the rain, because of it, we have missed the opportunity to walk and to get knowing the surroundings. But, maybe tomorrow the sun will be more friendly. We are sure that the rain came over us with a purpose, to give us the opportunity to hear more from us, to know what are our wishes and our feelings until now. And was really interesting to hear all the guys, to see a few changes that themselves recognize them. It was a very very nice experience.

Now I can’t wait to take part at the “No-Birthday Party”, that I am sure it will be full of surprises.

To be continued…

written by Velenka (Bulgaria) and by Angi (Romania)