Video message from Tamera

Dear friends,
we would love to share with you a message. This video has being made in Tamera, a healing biotop in Portugal.
To get more informations about Tamera:

“After an intense year, the community has now come together for a time of shared reflection and deep conceptual work. The coming months will be used to plan and lead into the next level of development of the project as a whole. We consider this an important step, also for the many young people from all over the world who wish for Tamera to be a place for training and education in many areas.

We want to let you participate in this process and to ask you to share in the thinking process, to cooperate and to support the plan. Vera Kleinhammes, a young leader of our project, features in a new short film introducing the project’s present state, new developments and this year’s achievements as well as our intentions and research questions.

To be able to take the time to deal in the required depth with the questions mentioned in the film we ask for your help. For the coming time of communitarian research and conceptional planning we need financial support from a growing circle of people who appreciate and love Tamera and its work.

As you may know, we wish to reach a target of 1000 members in Tamera’s Support Circle by the end of 2012. Together with you we can make this goal come true in the coming weeks.

Participate now with a monthly contribution or with an annual donation to our Support Circle. Become – together with us – a guardian of the dream of Tamera as a cultural model for peace.

We thank all those who already support our work and research. We appreciate your resonance to this letter and the video message. Please also forward it to your networks and friends.

Towards a growing international community and solidarity for a future without war.

Tamera Community “