Sunday cafè in Sieben Linden


Sunday cafè in Sieben Linden
Poppau, Germany

It’s me Lucia and i wish to share with you the 2 days i spent in the eco village Sieben Linden. We arrived for the Sunday cafè.



The “Sunday cafè” is a very nice possibility that the eco village is offering to all those people are willing to get to know a bit more about it.
We had being welcome with fantastic cakes and lupino cafè!

After that we had one hour tour around the eco village.
We saw a lot of the interesting straw bale buildings that they realized in the last years, we got to know more and more about the social, ecological, spiritual and “political” situation in the eco village.


In the late Nineteen Eighties the idea was born about a self-sufficient and self-governed Ecovillage.
Since 1997 Sieben Linden grew bigger and bigger. So far, 100 adults and 40 children settle, build and live here.
What really impressed me is that almost all the inhabitants of S.L are working for the eco village and in the eco village. Only a few people are un employed!
Something really inspiring for me was also the concept of communities in the community :
“We don’t just live one lifestyle or philosophy: Sieben Linden is a community built of different communities. The residents carry out their common philosophy of life in so called Neighborhoods and shared living units. This philosophy is revealed in such as building methods, economic or dietary values, family situation or in the need for quietness. The neighborhoods and/or shared living units with their own shared philosophy will be given some area on which they can build their house.”
Unfortunately the weather was not so nice: snowy and cold! We did not really had so much time to walk around in the evening, cause of that we decided to overnight.. We slept in a fantastic straw bale building, it felt so welcoming and warm!
The morning after the sun was shining and the temperature was a bit warmer!”
We went for a nice walk all around the village and in the surrounding forest. We visited the forest kindergarten, and all the “hidden” corners we missed the day before!


We had really nice time and we met nice open people. We wish to go back and stay longer to get to know this inspiring reality more and more… maybe in the warmer months!
For more information have a look at the web site :