“Weaving the Wild” presents Alpine Permaculture Schweibenalp

Paradiso Ritrovato is happy to present…
Alpine Permaculture Schweibenalp 
one of the great participants which we have the honour to host in the partnership building activity “Weaving the Wild” in May in the ecovillage Giardino della Gioia.
Here’s an article they super kindly wrote for us to present their project!

Alpine Permaculture Schweibenalp is the biggest alpine permaculture project in Switzerland extending on 20 hectares at a height of 1100 metres.


The main objective is to build an alternative agriculture and entrepreneurial alpine model for self-reliance. Through the multiplication of biodiversity the land shall become an “eatable landscape”.

The project started in 2009 and has developed further in a period of three years 2011 – 2013.

Our experts provide in 2013 a series of workshops in various themes mostly in German language.

For a full list you can see on our website: http://www.alpine-permakultur.ch/index.php/de/veranstaltungen/kurse-buchen There is also the possibility to organise introductory tours for groups.


A rich offer of products will be developed from the outputs of the project for the enjoyment of the community and guests of Schweibenalp. Special tees, balms, herb salts, incenses are just a few of them.

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For the further development of the project there are planned two buildings in the course of 2013 and 2014, a greenhouse and a farm building for production. The plans you can see in the document.

We are proud to work with many young people through-out the project and cooperate with other permaculture projects in Europe and around the world.

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Thanks to our sponsors which you can see at the link: http://www.alpine-permakultur.ch/index.php/de/spenden, we are on a good way to secure the funding necessary. However for the building plans we are looking for sponsors and we would appreciate your contacting us if you have ideas and offers. We invite you with a big heart to be a part of our project.

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The Center of Unity Schweibenalp (www.schweibenalp.ch) is the home of this project. We are an ecovillage of Global Ecovillages Network since 2011 and we are proud to host the Annual Meeting this year. Schweibenalp has existed as the Center of Unity for 30 years and is now committed to develop a sustainable ecology, just and self-sufficient economy, a vibrant community and a multi-faith, multicultural power place. We cooperate and exchange with other communities and projects in the framework of GREEN PHOENIX (www.greenphoenixglobally.org).

You can visit the website on www.alpine-permakultur.ch

Greetings from the team of Alpine Permaculture Schweibenalp!