BeeFriendly! Course to discover the importance of bees…

A Grundtvig project for adult education in Rimini, Italy 

6th – 13th October 2013

Paradiso Ritrovato and Beekeeper association in Rimini and Montefeltro are happy to offer a EU funded training course for professionals who want to develop and empower theoretical and practical skills about honeybees (apis mellifera). The course will offer the opportunity to discover the extraordinary world of bees and the complexity of their organization.

Honeybees are important for our Planet. No honeybees means no pollination of most of our crops. No pollination means no fruit and no seed. If honeybees are in trouble, so are we. Since all we know that honeybees are in trouble it is essential to learn more about bees and through them gain a broader appreciation of the enormous complexity of the natural world.


Thanks to this course the participants will: 

– Develop a comprehensive understanding of the function and importance of the bees and pollinator species to the balance and success of their local environments

– Acquire a key understanding of the life-cycle of social bees, learning their nesting and forage needs

– Experience a direct approach with bees

– Design educational sessions to introduce the basic concepts of physiology, genetics, reproduction, biophysics and natural selection

– Increase environmental awareness for them, their organizations and communities

– Get to know and exchange experiences and practices about the topic

– Bring back home practical tools to develop high quality projects in their own teaching activities

In particular, the course is thought for : 

– Social workers who wish to promote sessions for environmental education demonstrating the integration of biological systems and promoting alternatives to the use of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers in the maintenance of the rural and urban environments

– Natural history and biology teachers who wish to introduce the main principles upon which the biological sciences are based and the complexity of biological systems

– Beekeepers who want to know more about the principles of much of the behaviour that they already know and some basic information that may lead to a reconsideration of some traditional practices

There is no age limit for participants. All costs for this course are covered by a EU Grundtvig In-Service Training grant, including course fee, food and accommodation as well as travel costs. Once obtained the grant from your National Agency participation is fully reimbursed for all residents or nationals of EU member states plus Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Croatia, Switzerland and Turkey except for residents or nationals of the country that’s hosting the course.


For registration and further information on how to apply to the course please write to

Important: Everybody can receive funding for only one Grundtvig In-Service Training within a period of three years.

We have 15 places available for this course. 

Dates: 6th – 13th October 2013 

Deadline for application to your National Agency: 30th of April 2013.

Please contact before the 23th of April so we have time to answer all questions!

Download the invitation in PDF of the course here