‘Weaving the Wild’ presents Verein Symbiose, Liechtenstein

Paradiso Ritrovato in the frame of the partnership building activity ‘Weaving the Wild’

proudly presents Verein Symbiose whose vision is to create a Zukunfstwerkstatt/Future Workplace for a connected and sustainable Liechtenstein

take a look to their great initiatives and vision!

Last summer, after finishing the Master’s Programme in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in Karlskrona, Sweden, we, Elias Kindle and Michaela Hogenboom were both passionate about moving from theory to action!

We chose a small country to start with: Liechtenstein, Elias homeland and founded  a social enterprise called Symbiose. Its vision is to foster a connected and sustainable society in Liechtenstein and beyond. With its 36’000 inhabitants it is a great place to start a countrywide change process. It is beautiful and energizing to see the impact of our actions on local- and national level. As first community project, we initiated the so called Zukunftswerkstatt, or translated: Future Workplace.

The goal is to bring people together to co-create a vision for a connected and sustainable Liechtenstein and making it happen by creating actions to move strategically towards it. The project has four phases:

  • The development of  a general vision 2022 for Liechtenstein
  • A baseline assessment in the form of a Sustainability Map
  • A summer Camp to creative solutions to reach the vision
  • Implementation of concrete steps to realize the vision supported by a project-funding platform and entrepreneurship training.

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So far, we have engaged a diverse audience in this journey through structured dialogues, from youth organizations and schools and from the national- and local government to the environmental NGOs and the business community. Early this year, we organized two interactive Vision Dialogues to develop visions for the region in ten different thematic areas (such as mobility, social cohesion, energy, food, and international collaboration). These visions are formulated in key questions that need to be answered in the upcoming ten years. They serve as a magnetic attractor for the rest of the project and beyond.

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The “Zukunftswerkstatt” is set up to create concrete actions and projects to reach a vision. People are encouraged to realize their actions with the help of a project-platform, called zukunftswerkstatt.li, which will be launched on the 20th of April. Moreover, Symbiose provides entrepreneurship training and a networking events and social activities (such as cooking from waste). In this way, the project will result in a number of innovations, both technological and social. All innovations contribute to realizing the shared vision for a connected and sustainable Liechtenstein. Moreover, all people involved in the project and the community at large will be invited to contribute to the project through the platform. In this way, the community can decide which projects get implemented the fastest.

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As a broad audience and growing audience is engaged and involved in this project, it means that people will become more aware of what sustainability means in their day-to-day context as well as that they can be part of a country-wide change process. We expect that this project will provoke profound changes in people’s perception of sustainability by making it local, easy and fun. Increasing the quality of life for all living being is a central element of our organization and in the project. A sustainable lifestyle can lead to a more happy, connected and joyful life, where people care for their each other, close by, far away and in the future.  That is the message we want to carry out.


We see Liechtenstein as a ‘playground’ for progress in sustainable development. Because Liechtenstein is a small country, local and national levels interlink. We hope that this project will serve as a source of inspiration for other countries, provinces or municipalities all over the world.  Therefore we look forward to staying connected, sharing our experiences and learning from yours…

For more info:

www.symbiose.li  or  www.zukunftswerkstatt.li

Twittwer: @symbioseFL

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SymbioseFL

Or drop us a line…

Michaela@symbiose.li & Elias@symbiose.li