The partnership building activity “Weaving the Wild” presents Université Populaire de Permaculture

Paradiso Ritrovato in the frame of the Partnership Building Activity ‘Weaving the Wild’ taking place at the end of May in the Ecovillage ‘Giardino della Gioia’ is proud to present the very engaged french partner “Université Populaire de Permaculture”(UPP)…

“Université Populaire de Permaculture”(UPP), established in 2003, is a developing network of permaculture teachers, students and training centres in France. UPP promotes the pathway to the diploma of Applied Permaculture Design and uses the system “université populaire” that is based on peer learning, and lifelong learning processes.


Apart from being an organization of reference for teaching permaculture in France, we also are connected to the wider French speaking world, we reach out to Belgium, Switzerland and countries in Africa.

Our main objective is to facilitate a social-ecological transition of our societies through awareness raising about the different applications of permaculture. Therefor we link with other organizations that promote a transition towards a more ecological society.


We see ourselves as an actor of the permaculture training network in the French speaking world. Therefore we feel obliged to be responsible for a high standard of quality of permaculture training courses that we provide, and to be responsible for the level of knowledge, practice and understanding of the students on their path to the Diploma of applied permaculture design. Within his objective, we encourage students to continue their training towards the Diploma and become professional trainers.

One of our objectives is to allow everyone to participate in a permaculture training course, this is why the price of our training courses are as low as possible. Especially for young people with fewer opportunities we are flexible on the price of the training courses. For students that don’t have a land to practice permaculture we propose the “companionship” apprenticeship system which gives the opportunity to any student to practice and learn permaculture in different training centres.

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“Université Populaire de Permaculture”(UPP) is also part of a project called: “Teaching Permaculture in Europe: sustainable ways of sharing knowledge” and here you can download a PDF with more information about this network!