The partnership building activity “Weaving the Wild” presents Incredible Edible Todmorden and Incredible Farm

Paradiso Ritrovato proudly presents Incredible Edible Todmorden and Incredible Farm: one of marvellous partners taking part to the partnership building activity “Weaving the Wild” at the end of May in the beautiful venue of an ecovillage called “Giardino della Gioia”, Puglia…

The incredible edible movement grew from a desire to “Do something about food” knowing we will need to grow more, knowing the world has become too impersonal, and people too disempowered.

The belief that many individuals and small unilateral actions can make a huge difference and that many large projects get lost in an endless planning process lead us to JUST DO.

incredible edible

So we did.

In 2008 we started, with no money just a handfull of seeds and a passion,

we now have……

900 fruit trees planted in a town that previously had none

200 new growing spaces many in prominent places, outside police station, health centre, railway station,schools etc

beds at train station  herbal garden at the station

apothicaries garden at our health centre,

 nik & helena

all schools engaged in food growing,

incredibel beesv  schools incredible

food tourism, green route in town centre,

green route incredible pannel

an international movement, many incredible towns worldwide

community growing

two not for profit companies running projects…….

Incredible aquagarden doing aquaponics,lottery funded, in building phase

Incredible Farm, salad and fruit tree production,permaculture methology, in business.


Both the companies have apprentices and welcome visitors/ youth exchange.

And we dont stop there!

Attending the “Weaving the Wild” conference……..

Nick green, former Treasurer and practical lead of Incredible edible Todmorden, now Director of Incredible Farm.

incredible farm

Helena Cook, teacher, cook apothicary garden lead, forager, of Incredible Edible Todmorden.


We hope this will be the start of a youth exchange progect for our apprentices, school students, young chiefs etc..

have a look inside Incredible Farm and Incredible Edible Todmorden through these videos: