The partnership building activity “Weaving the Wild” presents Mikä Kestää?

The name Mikä Kestää? plays with the Finnish language. It means both ”what is taking so long?” and ”what is sustainable?”. That is perfect for us since we are more than ready to take action and want to encourage others to do so as well. The association was founded 1,5 years ago by a group of young people. Our main goal is to raise awareness of permaculture and ways to live ecologically. We want to share knowledge and inspire people to question their lifestyle, see other possible ways to do things and take action towards more sustainable manner of living.


Mikä Kestää? is still a really young association and we are constantly evolving and open to new ideas and ways to act. Many of us are also involved in many other projects such as beekeeping, foraging, growing hemp, building with natural materials or volunteering in various projects. That is why we also kind of act as a channel to inform about these different possibilities in which our members can participate. To share knowledge and different skills that our members posses we have been running some workshops like making compost or beewaxcandles. Last summer few of us took part in a permaculture camp in Estonia learning a lot about ecological building and making valuable connections and friends throughout Europe.

mikaa kesyaa 2

During winters Mikä Kestää? has been running ”Change for the better” –documentary series in co-operation with Roots Cultural Movement. We have been showing mostly permaculture documentaries every two weeks. We have our own blog and our Facebook group is pretty active in changing ideas and tips.


Since we are based in Turku – one of the biggest cities in Finland – we are really inspired to make use of the public space and promote urban gardening. One of our biggest projects so far has been a guerilla garden in the heart of the city. The garden is just waking up after the long winter and at the moment we are making plans for it for this summer.

We are definitely looking forward to Weaving the Wild, meeting new people, making connections, planning youth exchange and inspiring and sharing!

You can visit our blog at  (maybe soon also in English…) or contact us