ReWild Education! with Lynx Vilden

ReWild Education! Environmental education through earth-based arts and crafts

With Lynx Vilden

22nd – 28th of April 2014

Eco-Village Giardino della Gioia, Puglia, Italy.



ReWild Education! with Lynx Vilden is an intensive hands-on wilderness living skills training, teaching people how to harvest and transform the gifts of nature for everyday needs such as tools, fire, shelter, food in a conscientious and sustainable manner, as the ancients did.


During this course participants will learn the following skills:

Þ Fire by friction

Þ Cordage from plant fibers

Þ Simple stone tools

Þ Glues and bindings

Þ Burn bowls and utensils

Þ Cooking on an open fire

Þ Shelter building

Þ Plants for food and utility

Þ Pigment paint

Þ Song and stories

Course fee: 650 euro (course, food and lodging all included).






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volantino_ReWild Education

volantino_ReWild Education

The course will take place only if the minimum number of 15 participants is reached!