ReActMe & the International Permaculture Day 2014 – “Reclaiming Food Freedom!”

Today for the International Permaculture Day 2014 we are in the eco-village “Giardino della Gioia” where the association ‘Paradiso Ritrovato’ organised a week long international youth exchange called “ReActMe” on the themes of sustainability and permaculture. For the 4th of May we especially organised an Introduction to Permaculture for 35 young people coming from all over Europe. This could take place thanks to the support of the french association UPP (Université Populaire de Permaculture) one of our international partners who’s very active in the world of Permaculture in France.


Being in the eco-village closely faces us with the thematic of food independence. By definition an eco-village strives for autonomy and resilience and “Giardino della Gioia” is a good example for these objectives. Since 2011 they created a big synergic organic garden with which they supply 20% of the community’s food needs. The rest they buy from or exchange with local organic farmers with whom they collaborate in the collection and production of veggies. They also produce 1000 litres of organic olive oil per year as they live in an orchard of centenary olive trees. Food freedom is also secured by the production of own seeds and the exchange of these with other eco-villages and farmers.

The food proposed in the eco-village is mainly vegan. Diego, one of the founders, says that if 7 billion people would eat vegan there would be abundant resources and food freely accessible for everybody.


Thanks to the the multilateral youth exchange ReActMe! 35 participants from Italy, Romania, Hungary, Spain France, Germany and Slovenia are experiencing for a week a permacultural and sustainable lifestyle, reflecting together for possible solutions for the environment, get inspired and bring new knowledge at home. The project aims to raise young people’s environmental awareness and to promote sustainable development. In particular, it aims at equipping youth with specific green skills to live more sustainable lifestyles and contribute to their community resilience. Furthermore, the purpose is to foster young people’s spirit of initiative, creativity, entrepreneurship and employability developing skills through non-formal educational activities.



The main activities are thematic workshops, simulation games, exercises, reflection groups, practical hands on actions and discussions in plenary sessions about permaculture, transition movement, eco-citizenship, eco-tourism, start-up and capacity building in non-profit organisation and social enterprises, gift economy.



For more information on the eco-village “Giardino della Gioia” visit the website:

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