ReWild-Education! With Lynx Vilden (Reconnexion with our Primitive Nature)

Here’s a beautiful article the french participants Jerome. The original french version you can find on his very interesting blog: 

Little diversion: I come back from a 8 days fascinating course in Italy (Ecovillage Giardino della Gioia, San nicandro Garganico) concerning the learning of “primitive skills” that one could define as fellow: how to live in, from and with nature? That means without a knife, a lighter, a blanket or other luxury objects from the more material world we live in. Quiet amazing no? These teaching happened in the niche of a group where individuals open up and bring a his/her contribution in the respect of oneself and others.




« come Live Wild and help make the world a better place » – Lynx Vilden. – See more at:

The human and social aspect of the project were as always very enriching and multi-cultural. The topic is technically very wide and even though it is impossible to experience and master so many forgotten gesture and ancestral knowledge in a few days, the experience was really intense and the teaching we received stands far away from ecolo-extremism, neo-hippism or demote survival. Many things happened within me and each one of us during these days.

The experience was truly mind opening, and the learning we’ve received have awaken a conscious light in every single person present in the course. Notably the feeling of being actor of the world of today and the conviction that every single human being owns a creative power and potential in them, which is too often ignored! Hope!?
The course is a true and honest re-connection with the essentials, universe and one self.




How to light a fire with what one is able to find around in a forest? Work your own tools out of natural materials? But as well how to walk alone in nature in the middle of the night, listen to our heart beats, sing, love, shout and share a meal around the fire, process an animal to feed ourself. Tye yourself with Mother Earth et drink form her source!

Our actual lifestyle keep us distance from this healing, these values essentials and vitals that nature has to offer us if we are open to it. The realization that the lifestyle in which we live in is alienating us from these values essentials for each one of us.




Lynx Vilden ( learned to live in nature and re-appropritated ancestral techniques, from so called- primitive society. She proposes since many years, trainings of long period (5months) in the US where shelives, and other shorter course in Europe.
She was born in London, in 1965, has been artist, musician, theater performer, punk, has know excess of drug and alcohol. Then she broke all the bridge with civilization and retired into the forest of the Rocky mountains , in the nord-west of the United States. She learned to live there by reconnecting with pre-historic techniques, from making fire to hunting. Today, she owns a house, and even a website, but she keeps constantly the equilibrium with her life and nature, and as well wish to share her experience with the world, help those who wish the revitalize themselves and find back the taste of the essentials.


Every year, for several months, she transmits her knowledge to young people attracted by this radical come back to nature. Without a tent, sleeping back, any metal, or other technologies. The group work stones and bones, build arrows and bows, sleep under the sky filled with starts covered by bison skin, wash in the rivers, make their own clothing, drink from the source.

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We give warm heartedly huge thanks to Cèline for translating Jerome’s article in English and to Jerome for his words and for letting us publish the article on our blog!