The heART of Change

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A journey to reconnect, unfold your gifts and explore your unique path…

“The heART of Change” will take place from the 26 of September to the 2nd of Octber 2015 in Kisújbánya, Hungary!

We are looking for Italian participants from 18 to 30 years old for this course partly funded by Erasmus +
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The heART OF Change

More infos about the training:
26th Sept- 2nd Oct 2015, Kisújbánya, Hungary

This program is for young people between 18 and 30 from Hungary, Germany, Italy and Austria, who are searching for alternative future perspectives for both themselves and society – based on their own path and authentic vocation. It is a unique initiative bringing together personal quest for a meaningful and authentic life with engagement for a more just and sustainable society. Join us if you are asking questions like:
How can I unfold my gifts and potentials?
What is my deepest calling and how can I follow it?
How can I take meaningful action in times of overwhelming global challenges?
What do I need to live a happy and meaningful life?
Which practical steps can I take to manifest my dreams?
Instead of offering ready-made answers, this program invites you on a journey of unfolding your own replies!

We will travel together on the magic carpet of stories, intensive times in nature and diverse individual and community-based processes. By bringing together people from many different countries and backgrounds, we create an inspiring environment, where personal quest comes together with the power of a diverse community. You will experience a wide range of activities such as vision quest work, the Way of Council, The Work That Reconnects, Dragon Dreaming, the Hero’s Journey, artistic and creative exercises, coaching sessions as well as games, storytelling and outdoor adventures.
This program brings together personal growth with the awareness of burning local and global issues to find meaningful and constructive ways to address them in a grounded way.

About the location:
Hidden in the forests of Mecsek and surrounded by a beautiful, protected natural area in Southern Hungary lies the tiny village of Kisújbánya. It used to be a traditional settlement with flourishing glass industry, selfbuilt adobe houses and a high level of self-sufficiency.
Many of its inhabitants were of German origin. Like many other small villages, Kisújbánya almost disappeared during the socialist regime, due to the adverse rural policy of the party: the elementary school and the shops were closed down, there were no roads built to connect the village with the nearby bigger settlements. In the ‘70s many of the inhabitants have left, the buildings were bought by people living in cities as holiday houses.
At the moment there are a few pensioners living in the village, some families come to visit for the weekends and there is an active organisation willing to bring life, tourism and culture to Kisújbánya and to revive traditions. We have chosen this venue to discover the possibilities of such a place and to learn how it could provide opportunities and future perspectives to young people.

The course will be hosted by Pandora Association.

Four participants are eligible from each of the partner countries of our project, i.e. from
Hungary, Germany, Austria and Italy. If you would like to apply, please, fill in the
following the application form till the 2nd August.

The selection of participants will happen till the 9th August. Afterwards participants
will receive more practical information about the venue of the training course, the
travel directions and other logistic details.
With questions, please contact us:

Costs and contribution:
The costs of food, accommodation, training and travel will be covered by the Erasmus+
Programme. However, to ensure the high quality and the sustainability of this project as well as the fair payment of the organisers, we ask participants to contribute between 70 and 200 euros depending on their personal situation and country of residence.