ReWild-Education! With Lynx Vilden (Reconnexion with our Primitive Nature)

Here’s a beautiful article the french participants Jerome. The original french version you can find on his very interesting blog: 

Little diversion: I come back from a 8 days fascinating course in Italy (Ecovillage Giardino della Gioia, San nicandro Garganico) concerning the learning of “primitive skills” that one could define as fellow: how to live in, from and with nature? That means without a knife, a lighter, a blanket or other luxury objects from the more material world we live in. Quiet amazing no? These teaching happened in the niche of a group where individuals open up and bring a his/her contribution in the respect of oneself and others.

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BeWilder in Education/Educostruzione… resoconto di un’intensa esperienza!

BeWilder in Education/Educostruzione 1-8 settembre. Monti Parmensi.

Racconto del percorso che ci ha insegnato ad educare costruendo, usando i materiali più vicini a noi, le nostre risorse, seguendo i tempi della natura e quelli di ognuno…fino alla realizzazione di una piccola STRUTTURA ESAGONALE CON TETTO RECIPROCO con muri che sperimentano varie tecniche tra cui: cannucciato intrecciato, polloni di castagno intrecciati, terra e paglia!

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BeeFriendly! Course to discover the importance of bees…

A Grundtvig project for adult education in Rimini, Italy 

6th – 13th October 2013

Paradiso Ritrovato and Beekeeper association in Rimini and Montefeltro are happy to offer a EU funded training course for professionals who want to develop and empower theoretical and practical skills about honeybees (apis mellifera). The course will offer the opportunity to discover the extraordinary world of bees and the complexity of their organization.

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