The partnership building activity “Weaving the Wild” presents Mikä Kestää?

The name Mikä Kestää? plays with the Finnish language. It means both ”what is taking so long?” and ”what is sustainable?”. That is perfect for us since we are more than ready to take action and want to encourage others to do so as well. The association was founded 1,5 years ago by a group of young people. Our main goal is to raise awareness of permaculture and ways to live ecologically. We want to share knowledge and inspire people to question their lifestyle, see other possible ways to do things and take action towards more sustainable manner of living.

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BeeFriendly! Course to discover the importance of bees…

A Grundtvig project for adult education in Rimini, Italy 

6th – 13th October 2013

Paradiso Ritrovato and Beekeeper association in Rimini and Montefeltro are happy to offer a EU funded training course for professionals who want to develop and empower theoretical and practical skills about honeybees (apis mellifera). The course will offer the opportunity to discover the extraordinary world of bees and the complexity of their organization.

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